California Business and Professions Code

Sec. § 2220.08


Except for reports received by the board pursuant to Section 801.01 or 805 that may be treated as complaints by the board and new complaints relating to a physician and surgeon who is the subject of a pending accusation or investigation or who is on probation, any complaint determined to involve quality of care, before referral to a field office for further investigation, shall meet the following criteria:


It shall be reviewed by one or more medical experts with the pertinent education, training, and expertise to evaluate the specific standard of care issues raised by the complaint to determine if further field investigation is required.


It shall include the review of the following, which shall be requested by the board:


Relevant patient records.


The statement or explanation of the care and treatment provided by the physician and surgeon.


Any additional expert testimony or literature provided by the physician and surgeon.


Any additional facts or information requested by the medical expert reviewers that may assist them in determining whether the care rendered constitutes a departure from the standard of care.


If the board does not receive the information requested pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (a) within 10 working days of requesting that information, the complaint may be reviewed by the medical experts and referred to a field office for investigation without the information.


Nothing in this section shall impede the board’s ability to seek and obtain an interim suspension order or other emergency relief.

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