CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19608.8

The State of California does hereby pledge to and agree with the holders of any bonds or other indebtedness issued, and with those joint powers agencies which may enter into project agreements with fairs or other third parties or authorize bonds or other indebtedness to be issued, in reliance on the allocations set forth in subdivision (a) of Section 19606.1, that the state will not alter or change the structure of funding and deposits set forth in, or the pledge of funds for debt service, security, including any coverage factors, and expenses, pursuant to that section until the bonds and other indebtedness are fully paid or discharged and the project is fully performed or discharged. However, nothing precludes any alteration or change, if and when, adequate provision has been made by law for the protection from impairment of the contracts represented by the bonds, other indebtedness and projects, and the right to so alter or change is hereby reserved. Joint powers agencies may include this pledge and undertaking of the state in the bonds, agreements evidencing other indebtedness, and project agreements.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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