CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19605.55


Notwithstanding Section 19605, 19605.1, 19605.35, or any other provision of this chapter, if the Solano County Fair ceases to conduct live horse racing at the site of its 2002 racing meeting in any subsequent year, the board may authorize satellite wagering in Solano County as provided in this section:


The board may authorize a satellite wagering facility to replace its existing facility to be located on the fairgrounds of the Solano County Fair or on leased premises within the county, at the option of the fair. The facility may be operated by the fair or the fair may contract for the operation and management of the satellite wagering facility with an individual thoroughbred racing association or fair, or a partnership, joint venture, or other affiliation of one or more thoroughbred racing associations or fairs. The board may license a facility to the Solano County Fair pursuant to this section notwithstanding the mileage restrictions contained in Section 19605 or any other provision of this chapter to the contrary.


A satellite wagering facility licensed to the fair pursuant to this section is subject to the provisions of subdivisions (a) to (e), inclusive, of Section 19605.3, except that such a facility shall not be subject to the provisions of paragraph (3) of subdivision (a) of Section 19605.3 or any other impact fee or charge.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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