CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19606.1


All license fees from satellite wagering that are deposited in the Fair and Exposition Fund shall be deposited in a separate account in the fund and, notwithstanding Section 13340 of the Government Code, are continuously appropriated from that account to the Department of Food and Agriculture, for allocation by the Secretary of Food and Agriculture, at his or her discretion, for the purposes set forth in paragraphs (1) to (6), inclusive. The concurrence of the Director of Finance shall be required for allocations pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2). Allocations pursuant to paragraphs (3) to (6), inclusive, shall be made with the concurrence of the Joint Committee on Fairs Allocation and Classification.


For the repayment of the principal of, interest on, and costs of issuance of, and as security, including any coverage factor, pledged to the payment of, bonds issued or to be issued by a joint powers agency or other debt service or expense, including repayment of any advances made or security required by any provider of credit enhancement or liquidity for those bonds or other indebtedness or expenses of maintaining that credit enhancement or liquidity, incurred for the purpose of constructing or acquiring improvements at a fair’s racetrack inclosure, satellite wagering facilities at fairs, health and safety repair projects, or handicapped access compliance projects at fairs or for the purpose of refunding bonds or other indebtedness incurred for those purposes. As used in this paragraph, “coverage factor” means revenues in excess of the amount necessary to pay debt service on the bonds or other indebtedness, up to an amount equal to 100 percent more than the amount of that debt service, which a joint powers agency, pursuant to the resolution or indenture under which the bonds or other indebtedness are or will be issued, pledges as additional security for the payment of that debt service or is required to have or maintain as a condition to the issuance of additional bonds or other indebtedness. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the department may also commit any funds available for allocation under Article 10 (commencing with Section 19620) to complete projects funded under this paragraph in the priority described in this paragraph.


For payment to the State Race Track Leasing Commission to be pledged for the repayment of debt necessary to construct a racetrack grandstand at the 22nd District Agricultural Association fairgrounds. This payment shall be made only if the Secretary of Food and Agriculture determines, annually, that all other pledged revenues have been applied to the repayment of that debt and have been determined by the secretary to be inadequate for that purpose.


For the payment of expenses incurred in establishing and operating satellite wagering facilities at fairs.


For the support of an equipment and operating fund to produce and display a consolidated California signal at satellite wagering facilities and fairs.


For health and safety repair projects at fairs, which includes fire and life safety improvement projects, California Code of Regulations compliance projects, and long-term deferred maintenance projects.


For the development and payment of revenue generating projects, the establishment of pilot projects to restructure the current fair system, and for projects realizing a cost savings for more efficient utilization of existing fair resources.


The Secretary of Food and Agriculture may not make an allocation for purposes of paragraphs (2) to (6), inclusive, of subdivision (a) until the payments required in any fiscal year pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) have been funded.


Pursuant to subdivision (a), the Joint Committee on Fairs Allocation and Classification shall review and concur, or not concur, with the secretary’s determination of the allocations to be made pursuant to paragraphs (3) to (6), inclusive, of subdivision (a) in total, and the committee may not add to, or delete projects or line items from, the proposed allocations.


Approval of the Joint Committee on Fairs Allocation and Classification is deemed complete when one of the following conditions is met:


The annual Budget Act is enacted.


If the secretary’s recommendations are received by the Joint Committee on Fairs Allocation and Classification after the enactment of the annual Budget Act, the recommendations shall be deemed approved 30 days after they are received unless they are rejected by the committee.


If the Joint Committee on Fairs Allocation and Classification does not concur with the secretary’s recommendations, the secretary may submit another set of recommendations to the committee pursuant to this section.


The payments required in any fiscal year for the purposes of paragraphs (1) to (3), inclusive, of subdivision (a) shall be made before any transfer is made pursuant to subdivision (g).


Except as otherwise provided in subdivision (f), if the revenues deposited in the separate account exceed eleven million dollars ($11,000,000) in any fiscal year, the amount in excess of eleven million dollars ($11,000,000) shall be transferred to the Fair and Exposition Fund for allocation in accordance with Section 19620.1.


All of the costs of administering the account created by subdivision (a) shall be charged to the account.
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