CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19608.2


In order to permit associations providing audiovisual signals the ability to do so without undue burden and expense, to avoid unnecessary duplication of facilities, to permit the associations to protect the security of their signals, and to permit the associations to protect the integrity of their parimutuel pools and to account for wagering proceeds included in those parimutuel pools, associations and fairs providing audiovisual signals pursuant to Section 19608 or 19608.1 may form an organization to operate, pursuant to board supervision, the audiovisual signal system.


An organization operating under board supervision pursuant to this section may consist of any combination of associations and fairs.


Nothing in this section precludes any other person or business entity from participating in, or holding a financial interest in, an organization formed by associations or fairs to operate satellite wagering, except that the person or business entity shall be approved by the board.


Any organization formed shall provide horsemen’s organizations contracting with associations and fairs for racing meetings and nonracing fairs operating satellite wagering facilities meaningful representation on its governing board, and shall administer the audiovisual signal and parimutuel operations at satellite wagering facilities.


(1)An organization shall bear the costs of operating the audiovisual signal system, including the costs of leasing or purchasing and operation of equipment for transmission and decoding of audiovisual signals and wagering data, the costs of totalisator equipment, mutuel department labor and equipment charges, and the costs, including labor, and overhead of the organization administering the satellite wagering program.


A satellite wagering facility shall bear the costs of satellite receiving dishes, head-end assemblies, television monitors or screens, facility buildings, labor at the satellite wagering facility other than mutuel department labor, and any and all other costs at the satellite wagering facility not specifically referred to in paragraph (1).


The board shall approve all costs and resolve any differences between an organization and a satellite wagering facility as to which party is required to bear the costs for a disputed item.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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