CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19605.75


The Legislature finds and declares that the existence of high caliber thoroughbred racing in California is important to this state’s agricultural economy. The California horse racing industry is being threatened by the escalating costs of doing business in California, including, but not limited to, workers’ compensation insurance costs, in that these costs are not only causing thoroughbred horses and trainers to leave this state, but are also discouraging owners and trainers from bringing horses into this state to compete. It is the intent of the Legislature to provide some relief from these escalating costs through the redistribution of the parimutuel handle on exotic wagers.


Notwithstanding Section 19610, every thoroughbred association and fair that conducts a racing meet shall deduct an additional 0.5 percent of the total amount handled in exotic parimutuel pools of thoroughbred races.


The funds collected pursuant to subdivision (b) from exotic parimutuel pools on thoroughbred races within the inclosure of a thoroughbred association or fair conducting a race meeting, at satellite wagering facilities within this state, and through advance deposit wagering by residents of this state, shall be distributed to the organization described in subdivision (f) to be used in accordance with subdivision (e).


Any thoroughbred association or fair that authorizes a betting system located outside of this state to accept exotic wagers on its races and to combine those wagers in the association’s or fair’s exotic parimutuel pools, including, but not limited to, a multijurisdictional wagering hub as to exotic wagers made by residents other than those of this state, shall deduct the amount specified in subdivision (b) in addition to any other applicable deductions specified in law. The amount deducted pursuant to this subdivision shall be distributed to the organization described in subdivision (f) to be used in accordance with subdivision (e). This additional deduction shall not be included in the amount on which license fees are determined pursuant to Section 19602.


The amounts distributed to the organization described in subdivision (f) shall be deposited by that organization in a separate account to defray the costs of workers’ compensation insurance incurred in connection with thoroughbred horses that race in this state at thoroughbred associations and racing fairs through the payment of supplemental premiums that reduce rates, payment to or for the benefit of trainers and owners of such thoroughbreds, based on the number of such thoroughbreds they start, in order to reimburse them for the costs of workers’ compensation insurance directly or indirectly incurred by them, and other appropriate payments. Any funds that are not used for the purposes set forth in this subdivision shall, after an affirmative vote of at least 25 of the voting interests of the organization described in subdivision (f), either be carried forward to the subsequent year, or be used to reimburse racing associations for the actual cost of health and safety programs, research or safety equipment, or making capital improvements that are designed to prevent workplace accidents and increase the safety of jockeys, exercise riders, backstretch employees, and other racetrack personnel. Those capital improvements shall include, but not be limited to, safety improvements to racing and training surfaces. All requests for reimbursements shall be approved by the board. In developing proposals for approval by the board, the association shall confer with their horsemen’s organizations and all affected labor organizations or associations.


The thoroughbred racing associations and the owners’ organization described in subdivision (b) of Section 19613 shall form an organization to which funds shall be distributed pursuant to subdivisions (c) and (d). This organization shall have a total of 34 voting interests, of which 16 shall be allocated to the organization representing thoroughbred owners pursuant to Section 19613, one shall be allocated to the official registering agency for thoroughbreds in California, and one shall be allocated to the organization representing thoroughbred trainers pursuant to Section 19613. The remaining 16 votes shall be allocated among the licensed racing associations and racing fairs in the state. Each racing association and fair shall receive the portion of these remaining votes represented by the sum of exotic wagering on its races divided by the statewide total of exotic wagering in the preceding calendar year, excluding Breeders’ Cup races. Fractional voting shall be permitted. Any decision of this organization with respect to the allocation of funds pursuant to subdivisions (c) and (d) shall require the affirmative vote of 25 of these voting interests. In the event that the required number of affirmative votes cannot be obtained, the matter shall be submitted to the board for a decision consistent with subdivision (e), and the decision of the board shall be final.


The organization formed pursuant to this section shall account annually to the board with respect to the expenditure and distribution of funds received by the organization pursuant to subdivisions (c) and (d), and shall obtain an independent audit of fund generation and distribution. A copy of the completed audit shall be forwarded to the board within 45 days of its receipt by the organization.
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