CA Welf & Inst Code Section 16501.6


It is the intent of the Legislature for the State Department of Social Services to enhance the Child Welfare Services Case Management System to include information concerning the level of care required, educational accomplishments, and health history of children placed in foster care. If appropriate, this enhancement could be made after the system is operational statewide as required in Section 16501.5.


The department shall conduct a study to examine the most efficient methods of collecting and maintaining all of the following data for each child in foster care:


The names and addresses of the child’s health and educational providers.


The child’s grade level performance.


The child’s school record.


Assurances that the child’s placement in foster care takes into account proximity to the school in which the child is enrolled at the time of placement.


A record of the child’s immunizations.


The child’s known medical problems.


The child’s medications.


Any other relevant level of care, health, and education information concerning the child as determined appropriate by the department.


In conducting its study, the department shall, as required, examine county health passport systems for possible replication on a statewide basis and consult with other state departments, county associations, and provider groups.


By February 15, 1992, the department shall submit a report to the appropriate policy and fiscal committees of the Legislature on the results of its study. The department shall include the following in its report:


Recommendations for coordinating data collection among local child health and disability prevention programs, other health care providers, county welfare departments, schools, and other agencies providing services for foster children.


Recommendations for the interfacing with any alternative system recommended pursuant to paragraph (1) with the mental health assessment required by Section 5407, and with other requirements of law.


The report required by subdivision (d) shall address the feasibility, timeframe, and estimated costs of doing either of the following:


Incorporating the data specified in subdivision (b) in the Child Welfare Services Case Management System.


Implementing an alternative system that is more appropriate for the collection and maintenance of the data specified in subdivision (b).
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