CA Welf & Inst Code Section 16507.5


When a minor is separated or is in the process of being separated from the minor’s family under the provisions of a voluntary placement agreement, the county welfare department or a licensed private or public adoption agency social worker shall make any and all reasonable and necessary provisions for the care, supervision, custody, conduct, maintenance, and support of the minor, including medical treatment. Responsibility for placement and care of the minor shall be with the social worker who may place the minor in any of the following:


The approved home of a relative or the approved home of a nonrelative extended family member as described in Section 362.7.


The approved home of a resource family as defined in Section 16519.5.


A suitable licensed community care facility.


With a foster family agency to be placed in a suitable licensed home or other family home which has been certified by the agency as meeting licensing standards.


A home or facility in accordance with the federal Indian Child Welfare Act.


The granting of a community care license or approval status does not entitle the caregiver to the placement of a specific child or children. Placement is based on the child’s needs and best interests.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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