CA Welf & Inst Code Section 14124.80

The Legislature finds and declares that:


Many instances of potential third-party liability, particularly workers’ compensation claims, are not discovered by the department. Similarly, the Legislature finds that there are private nongovernmental sources of potential claim information which is unique to these private sources and not otherwise readily available to the department. This private information is unique in that, although the information may be shared between private claimants, including potential private lienors, the department is not privy to it and includes past adjudicated claims, expired or expiring health policy claims, long-term care and settlement situations where Medi-Cal is not identified in any application or filing for benefits. Additionally, there are applications and other filings made without any identification of potential Medi-Cal rights which become known to private sources because of this information sharing system. Further, there are other miscellaneous claims that have not been and will not be discovered in the ordinary course of administration by the department.


There is a backlog of potential claims or liens which could result in the recovery of substantial amounts if private sources of information were available to the state.


A cost-effective manner of recovering these potentially large amounts is through the contracting by the state, on a pilot program basis, with a private organization which possesses the expertise and resources required to rapidly discover and recover the lienable amounts owing by third parties for health care services provided by the Medi-Cal program, and which will receive compensation on a contingency fee arrangement, thereby supplementing the ongoing functions of the state in recovering lienable amounts, reducing the cost to the state of the recovery effort, and maximizing the amounts recovered for the Medi-Cal program.


Attorneys or the beneficiary, his guardian, personal representative, estate or survivors of any of them who are currently mandated under Section 14124.79 to report Medi-Cal involvement are excluded from any further remuneration benefits under this section.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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