CA Welf & Inst Code Section 14124.82


The department shall enter, by October 1, 1981, into at least two at-risk performance type contracts with private organizations that have access to information on cases with potential for the recovery of amounts owing for services rendered under the Medi-Cal program, and that have access to a substantial backlog period of information on past due Medi-Cal claims, as well as current and future potential claims. At least one contract shall cover northern California claims, and at least one contract shall cover southern California claims. Any contractor, otherwise qualified under this section, may separately contract in each geographical area.


Priority, by the terms of the contract or contracts, shall be given to the identification and recovery of claims nearing the statute of limitations, prior adjudicated claims, and prior existing injury claims. However, all claims which are older, in whole or part, than 12 months, at the time of discovery and notification by the contractor to the department, shall be subject to contractual lien recovery unless departmental personnel have previously identified these claims and have filed appropriate liens, notices, or other payment demands. A claim arises and the 12-month period begins when the department or its fiscal agent has first made payment for medical services related to the personal or workers’ compensation action on behalf of a given recipient. The department may waive any time requirement, if it concludes that it will not otherwise discover the claim and be able to effect recovery.
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