CA Welf & Inst Code Section 14124.73


If either the beneficiary or the director brings an action or claim against such third person or carrier the beneficiary or the director shall within 30 days of filing the action give to the other written notice by personal service or registered mail of the action or claim, and of the name of the court or state or local agency in which the action or claim is brought. Proof of such notice shall be filed in such action or claim. If an action or claim is brought by either the director or the beneficiary, the other may, at any time before trial on the facts, become a party to, or shall consolidate his action or claim with the other if brought independently.


If an action or claim is brought by the director pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 14124.71, written notice to the beneficiary, guardian, conservator, personal representative, estate or survivor given pursuant to this section shall advise him of his right to intervene in the proceeding, his right to obtain a private attorney of his choice, and the director’s right to recover the reasonable value of the benefits provided.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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