CA Welf & Inst Code Section 11325.4


Upon referral to assessment, a participant shall work with the county welfare department to develop and agree on a welfare-to-work plan on the basis of an assessment of the individual’s skills and needs. The assessment shall include at least all of the following:


The participant’s work history and an inventory of his or her employment skills, knowledge, and abilities.


The participant’s educational history and present educational competency level.


The participant’s need for supportive services in order to obtain the greatest benefit from the employment and training services offered under this article.


An evaluation of the chances for employment given the current skills of the participant and the local labor market conditions.


Local labor market information.


Physical limitations or mental conditions that limit the participant’s ability for employment or participation in welfare-to-work activities.


The county may contract with outside parties, including local educational agencies and service delivery areas, to provide the assessment.


(1)Notwithstanding the procedures set forth in Chapter 7 (commencing with Section 10950) of Part 2, if the participant and assessor are unable to reach agreement on the welfare-to-work plan, the matter shall be referred by the county for an independent assessment by an impartial third party. The results of this assessment, which shall be binding upon the county and the participant, shall be used to develop the appropriate plan for the participant.


No third party assessment under this subdivision shall be made by a party having any financial or other interest in the result of the assessment. The party making the assessment shall be selected by the county according to an unbiased procedure.


This section shall not apply to individuals subject to Article 3.5 (commencing with Section 11331) during the time that article is operative.
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