CA Welf & Inst Code Section 11325.25


A participant with a suspected learning or medical problem, as indicated by information received during appraisal or assessment or by lack of satisfactory progress in an assigned program component, shall be referred to an evaluation to determine whether the individual is unable to successfully complete or benefit from a current or proposed program assignment. As part of the evaluation, the county may require the individual to undergo the appropriate examinations to obtain information regarding the individual’s learning and physical abilities.


Based upon the results of the evaluation required by subdivision (a), the county may refer the individual to any of the following components as appropriate:


Referral to any of the activities in Section 11322.6, including referral to the person’s previous activity.


Existing special programs that meet specific needs of the individual.


Job search services, if the county determines the individual has the skills needed to find a job in the local labor market.


Assessment as described in Section 11325.4, or reappraisal as described in Section 11326.


Rehabilitation assessment and subsequent training.


The participant shall be involved in the decisions made during the progress evaluation and shall have appeal rights consistent with those accorded to all program participants.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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