CA Welf & Inst Code Section 11325.22


(1)Following the appraisal required by Section 11325.2, all participants except those described in paragraph (4) of this subdivision or those who are participating in other activities or assessment pursuant to Section 11320.1, shall be assigned to participate for a period of up to four consecutive weeks in job search activities. These activities may include the use of job clubs to identify the participant’s qualifications. The county shall consider the skills and interests of the participants in developing a job search strategy. The period of job search activities may be shortened if the participant and the county agree that further activities would not be beneficial. Job search activities may be shortened for a recipient if the county determines that the recipient will not benefit because he or she may suffer from an emotional or mental disability that will limit or preclude the recipient’s participation under this article.


Nothing in this section shall require participation in job search activities, the schedule for which interferes with unsubsidized employment or participation pursuant to Section 11325.23.


Job search activities may be required in excess of the limits specified in paragraph (1) on the basis of a review by the county of the recipient’s performance during job search to determine whether extending the job search period would result in unsubsidized employment.


A person subject to Article 3.5 (commencing with Section 11331) or subdivision (d) of Section 11320.3 shall not be required, but may be permitted, to participate in job search activities as his or her first program assignment following appraisal upon earning a high school diploma or its equivalent, if she or he has not already taken the option to complete these activities as the first program assignment following appraisal.


(1)Upon the completion of job search activities, or a determination that those activities are not required, the participant shall be assigned to one or more of the activities described in Section 11322.6 as needed to attain employment.


(A)The assignment to one or more of the program activities as required in paragraph (1) of this subdivision shall be based on the welfare-to-work plan developed pursuant to an assessment as described in Section 11325.4. The plan shall be based, at a minimum, on consideration of the individual’s existing education level, employment experience and relevant employment skills, available program resources, and local labor market opportunities.


An assessment pursuant to Section 11325.4 shall be performed upon completion of job search activities or at such time as it is determined that job search will not be beneficial.


Notwithstanding subparagraphs (A) and (B), an assessment shall not be required to develop a welfare-to-work plan for a person who is participating in an approved self-initiated program pursuant to Section 11325.23 unless the county determines that an assessment is necessary to meet the hours specified in Section 11325.23.


A participant who lacks basic literacy or mathematics skills, a high school diploma or general educational development certificate, or English language skills, shall be assigned to participate in adult basic education as described in subdivision (k) of Section 11322.6, as appropriate and necessary for removal of the individual’s barriers to employment.


Participation in activities assigned pursuant to this section may be sequential or concurrent. The county may require concurrent participation in the assigned activities if it is appropriate to the participant’s abilities, consistent with the participant’s welfare-to-work plan, and the activities can be concurrently scheduled.


The participant has 30 days from the beginning of the initial training or education assignment in which to request a change or reassignment to another component. The county shall grant the participant’s request for reassignment if another assignment is available that is consistent with the participant’s welfare-to-work plan and the county determines the other assignment will readily lead to employment. This grace period shall be available only once to each participant.


Any assignment or change in assignment to a program activity pursuant to this section shall be included in the welfare-to-work plan, or an amendment to the plan, as required in Section 11325.21.


A participant who has not obtained unsubsidized employment upon completion of the activities in a welfare-to-work plan developed pursuant to the job search activities required by subdivision (a) and an assessment required by subdivision (b) shall be referred to reappraisal as described in Section 11326.


The criteria for successful completion of an assigned education or training activity shall include regular attendance, satisfactory progress, and completion of the assignment. A person who fails or refuses to comply with program requirements for participation in the activities assigned pursuant to this section shall be subject to Sections 11327.4 and 11327.5.


Except as provided in paragraph (4) of subdivision (a), this section shall not apply to individuals subject to Article 3.5 (commencing with Section 11331) during the time that article is operative.


This section shall become operative on January 1, 2014.
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