CA Welf & Inst Code Section 11323.3


It is the intent of the Legislature that all CalWORKs applicants and recipients be aware of their potential liability for child care payment, and that child care providers be promptly paid for their services to eligible families.


An applicant for, or a recipient of, CalWORKs benefits shall be provided written notice, both at the time of application and when he or she signs an original or amended welfare-to-work plan, of the availability of paid child care as provided in Section 11323.2. The notice shall inform applicants and recipients of all of the following:


Paid child care is available to allow them to be employed or participate in welfare-to-work activities.


Assistance in finding and choosing a child care provider is available.


A recipient is required to inform the county welfare department of his or her need for paid child care as soon as that need arises.


The recipient is required to request a child care subsidy from the county within 30 days from the first day child care services are received from each different provider, to be fully reimbursed for child care services.


An applicant for, or recipient of, CalWORKs benefits shall be required to sign a copy of the written notice acknowledging that he or she has been informed of and understands the notice. The signed notice shall be retained in the client’s file.


No payment shall be made for child care services provided pursuant to Section 8351 of the Education Code more than 30 days prior to the recipient’s initial request for payment for the child care service from that provider, when the recipient received the written notice provided in subdivision (b).


The department shall develop regulations to implement this section.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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