CA Pub Res Code Section 21080.08


This division does not apply to a project that satisfies both of the following:


The project is approved or carried out by a public agency for the purpose of mitigating drought conditions for which a state of emergency was proclaimed by the Governor on January 17, 2014, pursuant to Chapter 7 (commencing with Section 8550) of Division 1 of Title 2 of the Government Code.


The project consists of construction or expansion of recycled water pipeline and directly related infrastructure within existing rights of way, and directly related groundwater replenishment, if the project does not affect wetlands or sensitive habitat, and where the construction impacts are fully mitigated consistent with applicable law.


This section shall remain operative until the state of emergency due to drought conditions declared by the Governor in the proclamation issued on January 17, 2014, has expired or until January 1, 2017, whichever occurs first, and as of January 1, 2017, is repealed unless a subsequent statute amends or repeals that date.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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