CA Mil & Vet Code Section 987.602


Subject to the conditions and limitations specified in Section 987.603, the department may acquire an Indian veteran’s leasehold interest in tribal trust land for the purpose of entering into a contract with the Indian veteran for the acquisition of a farm or home or for the construction of a dwelling house or other improvements for a farm or home or for the purchase and installation of a mobilehome on the leasehold land.


For purposes of this section, the leasehold interest to be acquired by the department shall have been granted by the tribe for which the land is held in trust to the Indian veteran for a term of at least 25 years renewable without notice on the same terms and conditions for an additional period of at least 25 years. The lease shall be in a form acceptable to the tribe, the department, and the United States Secretary of the Interior, shall be duly executed in accordance with the tribe’s constitution and bylaws or other tribal laws, and shall provide that the Indian veteran and his assignees shall have access to the property for the term of the lease. The Indian veteran shall assign the lease to the department without cost and shall obtain the consents of the tribe and the United States Secretary of the Interior to that assignment.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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