CA Mil & Vet Code Section 987.71


The purchaser shall make an initial payment of at least 2 percent of the selling price of the property or a higher amount that shall be determined based upon the creditworthiness of the purchaser, and with consideration of his or her military record, employment record, financial condition, and other similar factors as determined by the department. The department may waive the initial payment in any case where the value of the property as determined by the department from an appraisal equals the amount to be paid by the department plus at least 5 percent. In the case of a purchase requiring a loan guaranty by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the department may waive the initial payment and the purchaser shall pay the loan guaranty fee, which may be added to the loan amount. The department may require the purchaser to pay a loan origination fee, not to exceed 1 percent of the loan amount, which may be added to the loan amount.


The balance of the loan amount may be amortized over a period fixed by the department, not exceeding 40 years for farms or homes, not including cooperative housing stock related to mobilehomes, and not exceeding 30 years for mobilehomes, including cooperative housing stock related to mobilehomes, located in mobilehome parks, as defined in Section 18214 of the Health and Safety Code, together with interest thereon at the rate determined by the department pursuant to Section 987.87 for these amortization purposes.


The department may, in order to allow the veteran to purchase the home selected without incurring excessive monthly payments, at the time of initial purchase, postpone the commencement of payment of the principal balance for a period not to exceed five years if the veteran’s current income meets the standards for purchase on these terms and if the department determines, in accordance with previously established criteria for these determinations, that the veteran’s income can reasonably be expected to increase sufficiently within the five-year period to make the transition to fully amortized principal and interest payments, so long as the total term of the contract of purchase does not exceed 40 years, or 30 years where the contract relates to a mobilehome located in a mobilehome park, as defined in Section 18214 of the Health and Safety Code.


The purchaser on any installment date may pay any or all installments still remaining unpaid.


In any individual case, the department may for good cause postpone, from time to time, upon terms the department determines to be proper, the payment of the whole or any part of any installment of the purchase price or interest thereon.


Each installment shall include an amount sufficient to pay the principal and interest on the participation contract to which the interest of the department is subject, and any amount as may be required by a covenant or provision contained in any resolution of issuance.


When a purchaser makes an initial payment of less than 20 percent of the selling price of the property, the department shall do all of the following:


Take prudent measures to minimize losses from loan defaults and loan delinquencies.


(A)Ensure the continued financial solvency of the loan program by charging fees to cover the costs, as determined by the department, of any loan guaranty, primary mortgage insurance, or other similar arrangement.


Fees charged under this paragraph may be included in the amount of the loan, collected in advance, or collected as part of the monthly payment.


(1)Subject to paragraph (2), the department may provide initial payment assistance to lower income first-time purchasers by providing a deferred-payment second loan, upon which simple interest shall be charged at a rate established by the department.


A deferred-payment second loan described in paragraph (1) is subject to all of the following conditions:


The loan may not exceed 3 percent of the selling price of the farm or home.


The loan shall be secured by a deed of trust or, if authorized by the department, another form of security.


The loan shall be due and payable upon the payment in full of the contract or upon the sale or transfer of the farm or home.
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