CA Food & Agric Code Section 56271

Every commission merchant, that receives any farm product for sale as a commission merchant, shall promptly make and keep a correct record which shows in detail all of the following with reference to the handling, sale, or storage of such farm product:


The name and address of the consignor.


The date it was received.


The condition and quantity upon arrival.


Date of such sale for the account of the consignor.


The price for which it was sold.


An itemized statement of the charges to be paid by the consignor in connection with the sale. Any services rendered for which charges are made, if not filed with the director, shall be charged at cost if not covered by a written contract. Cost-supporting data shall be available for verification.


The names and addresses of all purchasers if the commission merchant has any financial interest in the business of the purchasers, or if the purchasers have any financial interest in the business of the commission merchant, directly or indirectly, as holder of the other’s corporate stock, as copartner, as lender or borrower of money to or from the other, or otherwise. Such interest shall be noted in such records following the name of any such purchaser.


A lot number or other identifying mark for each consignment, which number or mark shall appear on every sales tag and every other essential record which is needed to identify each consignment from receipt through final sale. When requested by the consignor, as provided by Section 56281, a lot number shall appear on each individual farm product container. When containers are on pallets, then only the exposed containers shall be marked. When stamping or otherwise identifying each container is impractical due to the type of packaging, the container need not be marked.


Any claim which has been or may be filed by the commission merchant against any person for overcharges or for damages which result from the injury or deterioration of such farm product by the act, neglect, or failure of such person. Such records shall be open to the inspection of the director and the consignor of the farm product for whom such claim is made.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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