CA Food & Agric Code Section 56273.1


For purposes of this chapter, an account of sales shall be deemed complete if it consists of all of the following information:


The date of shipment.


The terms of the original sale concerning where and when title passes.


The commodity, variety, size, and grade.


The quantity shipped.


The quantity disposed of in a manner other than sale by the buyer, if applicable.


The original selling price.


The adjusted selling price, if applicable.


The reason for adjustment, if applicable.


Any inspection certificate required to be obtained as stated in Section 56280.


Amounts billed and collected from the buyer for services rendered to the buyer by the commission merchant.


The gross and net returns received from the buyer.


Any authorized commission merchant charges.


Any additional amounts paid to the consignor by the commission merchant to support the original price.


The net amount due the consignor.


The consignor and the commission merchant may agree on the documentation necessary to support the information required by subdivision (a). The agreements shall be made, in writing, prior to the shipping season of the particular farm product.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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