CA Educ Code Section 58904

Each applicant school district governing board shall develop policies and procedures to increase site-level decisionmaking at participating schools maintained by the school district, to enable all of the following:


Parents, community members representing the diverse racial, ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds, the school pupil population, teachers of secondary school students, schoolsite administrators, the various categories of school employees, and other school staff to set goals, objectives, and expenditure priorities for improving instruction at that school, and to participate in decisionmaking about policies and procedures established pursuant to subdivision (b). It is the intent of the Legislature to ensure meaningful access by and participation of parents in the design and governance of a schoolsite, and, thus, school districts and the participating schools should develop policies and procedures to enable parents that traditionally have not participated in school governance to participate, and should consider providing training, accessible meeting times and locations, and other methods to encourage active participation.


Classroom teachers and school level administrators to design and implement policies and procedures consistent with the goals and objectives established pursuant to subdivision (a), which shall include, but need not be limited to, all of the following:


Selection and assignment of certificated and noncertificated school personnel in accordance with Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 45100) of Part 25.


Development and enrichment of subject matter offerings that build upon state-recommended frameworks and district adopted standards in order to provide a rigorous core curriculum for all pupils, including higher order thinking; design and implementation of diverse instructional approaches to respond to the variety of pupil learning needs; adaptation of curricular and instructional strategies specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of a multicultural and multilingual population; organization of the school for instruction; and selection of instructional materials.


Expenditure of funds for instruction, including, but not limited to, instructional materials, staff training, and personnel.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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