CA Bus & Prof Code Section 10152


The commissioner may require any other proof he or she may deem advisable concerning the honesty and truthfulness of an applicant for a real estate license or license examination, or of the officers, directors, or persons owning 10 percent or more of the stock, of a corporation making application therefor, before authorizing the issuance of a real estate license. For this purpose the commissioner may call a hearing in accordance with this part relating to hearings. To assist in his or her determination the commissioner shall require every original applicant to be fingerprinted prior to issuing a license. The commissioner may require the fingerprints to be submitted either with the application to take the license examination or with the application for a real estate license.


The commissioner shall require a person who submits a petition for reinstatement of his or her license or reduction of a penalty pursuant to Section 11522 of the Government Code, in addition to meeting any other requirements imposed for purposes of the reinstatement or penalty reduction, to submit his or her fingerprints with the petition.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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