CA Bus & Prof Code Section 10151.5


An applicant who is not a resident of this state shall be eligible for a real estate license provided (1) the applicant qualifies for licensure under this chapter, including Section 10162, and (2) the state or other jurisdiction that is the place of residence of the applicant permits a resident of California to qualify for and obtain a real estate license in that jurisdiction.


A foreign corporation shall be exempt from the eligibility requirement set forth in clause (2) of subdivision (a) if, and for so long as, at least one of the officers of the corporation who is designated and licensed as a real estate broker pursuant to Section 10158 or 10211 is a resident of this state.


Every nonresident applicant for a real estate license shall, along with his or her application, file with the Real Estate Commissioner an irrevocable consent that if in any action commenced against him or her in this state, personal service of process upon him or her cannot be made in this state after the exercise of due diligence, a valid service may thereupon be made upon the applicant by delivering the process to the Bureau of Real Estate.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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