CA Bus & Prof Code Section 10159.2


The officer designated by a corporate broker licensee pursuant to Section 10211 shall be responsible for the supervision and control of the activities conducted on behalf of the corporation by its officers and employees as necessary to secure full compliance with the provisions of this division, including the supervision of salespersons licensed to the corporation in the performance of acts for which a real estate license is required.


A corporate broker licensee that has procured additional licenses in accordance with Section 10158 through officers other than the officer designated pursuant to Section 10211 may, by appropriate resolution of its board of directors, assign supervisory responsibility over salespersons licensed to the corporation to its broker-officers.


A certified copy of any resolution of the board of directors assigning supervisory responsibility over real estate salespersons licensed to the corporation shall be filed with the Real Estate Commissioner within five days after the adoption or modification thereof.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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