CA Welf & Inst Code Section 5614


The department, in consultation with the Compliance Advisory Committee that shall have representatives from relevant stakeholders, including, but not limited to, local mental health departments, local mental health boards and commissions, private and community-based providers, consumers and family members of consumers, and advocates, shall establish a protocol for ensuring that local mental health departments meet statutory and regulatory requirements for the provision of publicly funded community mental health services provided under this part.


The protocol shall include a procedure for review and assurance of compliance for all of the following elements, and any other elements required in law or regulation:


Financial maintenance of effort requirements provided for under Section 17608.05.


Each local mental health board has approved procedures that ensure citizen and professional involvement in the local mental health planning process.


Children’s services are funded pursuant to the requirements of Sections 5704.5 and 5704.6.


The local mental health department complies with reporting requirements developed by the department.


To the extent resources are available, the local mental health department maintains the program principles and the array of treatment options required under Sections 5600.2 to 5600.9, inclusive.


The local mental health department meets the reporting required by the performance outcome systems for adults and children.


The protocol developed pursuant to subdivision (a) shall focus on law and regulations and shall include, but not be limited to, the items specified in subdivision (b). The protocol shall include data collection procedures so that state review and reporting may occur. The protocol shall also include a procedure for the provision of technical assistance, and formal decision rules and procedures for enforcement consequences when the requirements of law and regulations are not met. These standards and decision rules shall be established through the consensual stakeholder process established by the department.
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