CA Welf & Inst Code Section 5326.5


For purposes of this chapter, “written informed consent” means that a person knowingly and intelligently, without duress or coercion, clearly and explicitly manifests consent to the proposed therapy to the treating physician and in writing on the standard consent form prescribed in Section 5326.4.


The physician may urge the proposed treatment as the best one, but may not use, in an effort to gain consent, any reward or threat, express or implied, nor any other form of inducement or coercion, including, but not limited to, placing the patient in a more restricted setting, transfer of the patient to another facility, or loss of the patient’s hospital privileges. Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed as in conflict with Section 5326.2. No one shall be denied any benefits for refusing treatment.


A person confined shall be deemed incapable of written informed consent if that person cannot understand, or knowingly and intelligently act upon, the information specified in Section 5326.2.


A person confined shall not be deemed incapable of refusal solely by virtue of being diagnosed as having a mental health disorder.


Written informed consent shall be given only after 24 hours have elapsed from the time the information in Section 5326.2 has been given.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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