CA Welf & Inst Code Section 5328.01

Notwithstanding Section 5328, all information and records made confidential under the first paragraph of Section 5328 shall also be disclosed to governmental law enforcement agencies investigating evidence of a crime where the records relate to a patient who is confined or has been confined as a mentally disordered sex offender or pursuant to Section 1026 or 1368 of the Penal Code and the records are in the possession or under the control of any state hospital serving the mentally disabled, as follows:


In accordance with the written consent of the patient; or


If authorized by an appropriate order of a court of competent jurisdiction in the county where the records are located compelling a party to produce in court specified records and specifically describing the records being sought, when the order is granted after an application showing probable cause therefor. In assessing probable cause, the court shall do all of the following:


Weigh the public interest and the need for disclosure against the injury to the patient, to the physician-patient relationship, and to the treatment services.


Determine that there is a reasonable likelihood that the records in question will disclose material information or evidence of substantial value in connection with the investigation or prosecution.


Determine that the crime involves the causing of, or direct threatening of, the loss of life or serious bodily injury.


In granting or denying a subpoena, the court shall state on the record the reasons for its decision and the facts which the court considered in making such a ruling.


If a court grants an order permitting disclosure of such records, the court shall issue all orders necessary to protect, to the maximum extent possible, the patient’s privacy and the privacy and confidentiality of the physician-patient relationship.


Any records disclosed pursuant to the provisions of this subdivision and any copies thereof shall be returned to the facility at the completion of the investigation or prosecution unless they have been made a part of the court record.


A governmental law enforcement agency applying for disclosure of patient records under this subdivision may petition the court for an order, upon a showing of probable cause to believe that delay would seriously impede the investigation, which requires the ordered party to produce the records forthwith.


Records obtained by a governmental law enforcement agency pursuant to this section shall not be disseminated to any other agency or person unless such dissemination relates to the criminal investigation for which the records were obtained by the governmental law enforcement agency. The willful dissemination of any record in violation of this paragraph shall constitute a misdemeanor.


If any records obtained pursuant to this section are of a patient presently receiving treatment at the state hospital serving the mentally disabled, the law enforcement agency shall only receive copies of the original records.
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