CA Welf & Inst Code Section 14133.1


The director shall determine which of the utilization controls in Section 14133 shall be applied to any specific service or group of services which are subject to utilization controls. Each utilization control shall be reasonably related to the purpose for which it is imposed.


Except as provided in Sections 14103.6 and 14133.15, neither prior authorization nor the limitation specified in subdivision (d) of Section 14133 shall be required for the first two services per month which are included among the services listed in subdivision (a) of Section 14132, or for the first two drug prescriptions purchased during any one month, provided that the prescription drugs are included in the Medi-Cal Drug Formulary and the prescription otherwise conforms to applicable formulary requirements.


The director shall, after a determination of cost benefit, modify or eliminate the requirement of prior authorization as a control for treatment, supplies, or equipment which costs less than one hundred dollars ($100), except for prescribed drugs, provided that the requirement of prior authorization for treatment, supplies, or equipment may be reinstituted upon a finding by the department that the elimination of the requirement has resulted in unnecessary utilization, and upon notice to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee 30 days prior to the reinstitution of the requirement of prior authorization. Modification of the utilization controls may include establishing prior authorization review thresholds at levels other than one hundred dollars ($100) if indicated by the cost-benefit analysis.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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