CA Rev & Tax Code Section 17142.5


For purposes of the following provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, a qualified hazardous duty area shall be treated in the same manner as if it were a combat zone (as determined under Section 112 of the Internal Revenue Code):


Section 2 (a)(3) (relating to a special rule where a deceased spouse was in missing status).


Section 112 (relating to certain combat zone compensation of members of the Armed Forces).


Section 692 (relating to income taxes of members of Armed Forces upon death).


Section 7508 (relating to time for performing certain acts postponed by reason of service in combat zone).


“Qualified hazardous duty area” means Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, or Macedonia, if, as of March 20, 1996, any member of the Armed Forces of the United States is entitled to special pay under Section 310 of Title 37 of the United States Code (relating to special pay; duty subject to hostile fire or imminent danger) for services performed in that country. “Qualified hazardous duty area” includes any country only during the period that entitlement is in effect. Solely for purposes of applying Section 7508 of the Internal Revenue Code, in the case of an individual who is performing services as part of Operation Joint Endeavor outside the United States while deployed away from the individual’s permanent duty station, the term “qualified hazardous duty area” includes, during the period for which that entitlement is in effect, any area in which those services are performed.
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