California Revenue and Taxation Code

division 2 Other Taxes

parts 1 – 31
1. Sales and Use Taxes
1.5. Uniform Local Sales and Use Taxes
1.6. Transactions and Use Taxes
1.7. Additional Local Taxes
1.55. Motor Carriers
2. Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Law
3. Use Fuel Tax
3.5. Fuel Tax Agreements
4. Local Motor Vehicle Fuel Taxation
5. Vehicle License Fee
5.5. Local Vehicle License Fees
5.6. Local Vehicle License Fee Surcharge
5.7. Voter-approved Local Assessment
6. Private Railroad Car Tax
6.7. Documentary Transfer Tax Act
7. Insurance Taxation
7.5. Nonadmitted Insurance Tax
8. Prohibition of Gift and Death Taxes
9.5. Generation Skipping Transfer Tax
10. Personal Income Tax
10.2. Administration of Franchise and Income Tax Laws
10.3. Earned Income Tax Credit Information Act
10.5. Senior Citizens Property Tax Assistance and Postponement Law
10.6. County Deferred Property Tax Program for Senior Citizens and Disabled Citizens
10.7. Taxpayers' Bill of Rights
11. Corporation Tax Law
13. Cigarette Tax
14. Alcoholic Beverage Tax
14.5. Marijuana Tax
15. Subscription Television
18.5. Timber Yield Tax
19. Energy Resources Surcharge Law
20. Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Law
21. Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services Surcharge Collection Act
21.1. Local Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services Collection Act
22. Hazardous Substances Tax Law
22.1. Hazardous Spill Prevention Fee Law
23. Integrated Waste Management Fee Law
24. Oil Spill Response, Prevention, and Administration Fees
26. Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee Law
30. Fee Collection Procedures Law
31. Diesel Fuel Tax Law