CA Penal Code Section 667.2


The Legislature finds and declares that assisting offenders released pursuant to Proposition 36, adopted at the November 6, 2012, statewide general election, with their transition back into communities will increase the offenders’ likelihood of successful reintegration.


Subject to the availability of funding for and space in the programs and services, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation may provide programs and services, including, but not limited to, transitional housing, mental health, and substance abuse treatment to an offender who is released from the department’s custody and satisfies both of the following conditions:


The offender is released pursuant to any of the following provisions, as they were amended or added by Sections 2 to 6, inclusive, of Proposition 36, as adopted at the November 6, 2012, statewide general election:


Section 667.


Section 667.1.


Section 1170.12.


Section 1170.125.


Section 1170.126.


The offender is not subject to either of the following:


Parole pursuant to Article 3 (commencing with Section 3040) of Chapter 8 of Title 1 of Part 3.


Postrelease community supervision pursuant to Title 2.05 (commencing with Section 3450) of Part 3.


(1)The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, in consultation with the Administrative Office of the Courts, shall establish a referral process for offenders described in subdivision (b) to participate in programs and receive services that the department has existing contracts to provide.


The Administrative Office of the Courts shall inform courts of the availability of the programs and services described in this section.
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