CA Penal Code Section 13826.65

School districts, county offices of education, or any consortium thereof, receiving funding under this chapter shall develop or adopt and implement a gang violence prevention curriculum, provide gang violence prevention and intervention services for school-aged children, and shall be encouraged to do all of the following:


Establish a local steering committee comprised of representatives of each local program funded under this chapter, corporations, small businesses, and other appropriate local, county, and community organization knowledgeable in the area of youth gang violence.


Develop and distribute information concerning parent education and parenting classes, including methods whereby parents may recognize youth gang involvement.


Identify and utilize the resources of appropriate community-based organizations involved in the coordination of after school activities for school-aged youth.


Establish contact between positive role models and youth involved in gang activity through adopt-a-youth programs and similar programs.


Incorporate into gang prevention activities references to the relationship between drug abuse and gang violence.


Develop partnerships between schools and businesses for the purpose of enhancing pupil achievement through such methods as tutorial services, field trips, role modeling, and other supportive services.


Develop methods of assuring followup services for children receiving the initial gang violence prevention and intervention services.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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