CA Penal Code Section 13826.6

For purposes of this chapter, a “community-based” organization is defined as a nonprofit operation established to serve gang members, their families, schools, and the community with programs of community supervision and service that maintain community participation in the planning, operation, and evaluation of their programs. “Community-based” organization also includes public park and recreation agencies, public libraries, and public community services departments that provide gang suppression activities, either alone or in cooperation with other public agencies or other community-based organizations.


Unless funded pursuant to subdivision (c), community-based organizations supported under the Gang Violence Suppression Program may implement the following activities:


Providing information to law enforcement agencies concerning gang related activities in the community.


Providing information to school administrators and staff concerning gang related activities in the community.


Providing conflict resolution by means of intervention or mediation to prevent and limit gang crisis situations.


Increasing witness cooperation through coordination with local law enforcement and prosecutors and by education of the community about the roles of these government agencies and the availability of witness protection services.


Community-based organizations funded pursuant to subdivision (a) may also implement the following activities:


Maintaining a 24-hour public telephone message center for the receipt of information and to assist individuals seeking services from the organization.


Maintaining a “rumor control” public telephone service to provide accurate and reliable information to concerned citizens.


Providing technical assistance and training concerning gang related activities to school staff members, law enforcement personnel, and community members, including parental groups. This training and assistance may include coverage of how to prevent and minimize intergang confrontations.


Providing recreational activities for gang members or potential gang members.


Providing job training and placement services for youth.


Referring gang members, as needed, to appropriate agencies for the treatment of health, psychological, and drug-related problems.


Administration of the Urban Corps Program pursuant to Section 13826.62.


Mobilizing the community to share joint responsibility with local criminal justice personnel to prevent and suppress gang violence.


Community-based organizations funded under the Gang Violence Suppression Program for specialized school prevention and intervention activities shall only be required to implement activities in the schools which are designed to discourage students from joining gangs and which offer or encourage students to participate in alternative programs.


Community-based organizations funded pursuant to the Gang Violence Suppression Program as of January 1, 1997, shall receive preference over public agencies in any future funding awards.
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