California Penal Code

Sec. § 1234.3


The grant program shall be competitively awarded through at least two rounds of funding, with the first phase of funding being awarded on or before May 1, 2015.


Each county is eligible to apply, and a single application may include multiple counties applying jointly. Each application shall include a partnership agreement between the county or counties and one or more local workforce investment boards that outline the actions each party agrees to undertake as part of the project proposed in the application.


At a minimum, each project proposed in the application shall include a provision for an education and training assessment for each individual of the supervised population who participates in the project. The assessment may be undertaken by the applicant or by another entity. A prior assessment of an individual may be used if, in the determination of the State WIB, its results are accurate. The State WIB may delegate the responsibility for determining the sufficiency of a prior assessment to one or more local workforce investment boards.


Eligible uses of grant funds include, but are not limited to, vocational training, stipends for trainees, and apprenticeship opportunities for the supervised population. Supportive services and job readiness activities shall serve as bridge activities that lead to enrollment in long-term training programs.


Preference shall be awarded to applications for the following:


An application that proposes matching funds, including, but not limited to, moneys committed by local workforce investment boards, local governments, and private foundation funds.


An application submitted by a county that currently administers or participates in a workforce training program for the supervised population.


An application that proposes participation by one or more nonprofit community-based organizations that serve the supervised population.


An application shall meet the following requirements:


Set a specific purpose for the use of the grant funds, as well as provide the baseline criteria and metrics by which the overall success of the grant project can be evaluated.


Define the specific subset of the supervised population, among the eligible supervised population that the grant money will serve.


Define the industry sector or sectors in which the targeted supervised population will be trained, including the current and projected workforce within the region for those jobs, the range of wage rates, and the training and education requirements within those industry sectors.


Define the general methodology and training methods proposed to be used and explain the manner in which the progress of the targeted supervised population will be monitored during the grant period.


As a condition of receiving funds, a grant recipient shall agree to provide information to the State WIB in sufficient detail to allow the State WIB to meet the reporting requirements in Section 1234.4.

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