California Penal Code

Sec. § 1234.2

The State WIB shall administer the grant program as follows:


Develop criteria for the selection of grant recipients through a public application process, including, but not limited to, the rating and ranking of applications that meet the threshold criteria set forth in this section.


Design the grant program application process to ensure all of the following occurs:


Outreach and technical assistance is made available to eligible applicants, especially to small population and rural counties.


Grants are awarded on a competitive basis.


Small and rural counties are competitive in applying for funds.


Applicants are encouraged to develop evidence-based, best practices for serving the workforce training and education needs of the supervised population.


The education and training needs of one or both of the following are addressed:


Individuals with some postsecondary education who can enter into programs and benefit from services that result in certifications, and placement on a middle skill career ladder.


Individuals who require basic education as well as training in order to obtain entry level jobs where there are opportunities for career advancement.

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