California Penal Code

Sec. § 1210.15


A chief probation officer may charge persons on probation for the costs of any form of supervision that utilizes continuous electronic monitoring devices that monitor the whereabouts of the person pursuant to this chapter, upon a finding of the ability to pay those costs. However, the department shall waive any or all of that payment upon a finding of an inability to pay. Inability to pay all or a portion of the costs of continuous electronic monitoring authorized by this chapter shall not preclude use of continuous electronic monitoring, and eligibility for probation shall not be enhanced by reason of ability to pay.


A chief probation officer may charge a person on probation pursuant to subdivision (a) for the cost of continuous electronic monitoring in accordance with Section 1203.1b provided the person has first satisfied all other outstanding base fines, state and local penalties, restitution fines, and restitution orders imposed by a court.

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