CA Penal Code Section 1203.1e


In any case in which a defendant is ordered to serve a period of confinement in a county jail or other local detention facility, and the defendant is eligible to be released on parole by the county board of parole commissioners, the court shall, after a hearing, make a determination of the ability of the person to pay all or a portion of the reasonable cost of providing parole supervision. The reasonable cost of those services shall not exceed the amount determined to be the actual average cost of providing parole supervision.


If the court determines that the person has the ability to pay all or part of the costs, the court may set the amount to be reimbursed and order the person to pay that sum to the county in the manner in which the court believes reasonable and compatible with the person’s financial ability. In making a determination of whether a person has the ability to pay, the court shall take into account the amount of any fine imposed upon the person and any amount the person has been ordered to pay in restitution.
If practicable, the court shall order payments to be made on a monthly basis as directed by the court. Execution may be issued on the order in the same manner as a judgment in a civil action. The order to pay all or part of the costs shall not be enforced by contempt.


For the purposes of this section, “ability to pay” means the overall capability of the person to reimburse the costs, or a portion of the costs, of providing parole supervision and shall include, but shall not be limited to, consideration of all of the following factors:


Present financial position.


Reasonably discernible future financial position. In no event shall the board consider a period of more than six months from the date of the hearing for purposes of determining reasonably discernible future financial position.


Likelihood that the person shall be able to obtain employment within the six-month period from the date of the hearing.


Any other factor or factors which may bear upon the person’s financial capability to reimburse the county for the costs.


At any time during the pendency of the order made under this section, a person against whom an order has been made may petition the court to modify or vacate its previous order on the grounds of a change of circumstances with regard to the person’s ability to pay. The court shall advise the person of this right at the time of making the order.


All sums paid by any person pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the general fund of the county.


The parole of any person shall not be denied or revoked in whole or in part based upon the inability or failure to pay under this section.


The county board of parole commissioners shall not have access to offender financial data prior to the rendering of any parole decision.


This section shall become operative on January 1, 1995.
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