California Penal Code

Sec. § 1203.8


A county may develop a multiagency plan to prepare and enhance nonviolent felony offenders’ successful reentry into the community. The plan shall be developed by, and have the concurrence of, the presiding judge, the chief probation officer, the district attorney, the local custodial agency, and the public defender, or their designees, and shall be submitted to the board of supervisors for its approval. The plan shall provide that when a report prepared pursuant to Section 1203.10 recommends a state prison commitment, the report shall also include, but not be limited to, the offender’s treatment, literacy, and vocational needs. Any sentence imposed pursuant to this section shall include a recommendation for completion while in state prison, all relevant programs to address those needs identified in the assessment.


The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is authorized to enter into an agreement with up to three counties to implement subdivision (a) and to provide funding for the purpose of the probation department carrying out the assessment. The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, to the extent feasible, shall provide to the offender all programs pursuant to the court’s recommendation.

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