CA Mil & Vet Code Section 987.3

If the purchaser fails or neglects to pay, satisfy, and discharge at maturity all taxes and assessments, and all other charges and encumbrances which are a lien upon the property being purchased from the department, or any part thereof, and also all taxes and assessments levied or assessed upon the interest created by the contract of purchase of such property; or to keep the buildings, fences, other permanent improvements upon such property insured and in good order and repair, or to keep the crops upon such property insured; or to keep in good order and repair all buildings, fences, and other permanent improvements situated upon such property; then, in such event, the department may pay, satisfy, discharge, settle, or compromise the taxes, assessments, charges, or encumbrances, or insure the buildings, fences, permanent improvements, or crops, or do the work and supply the materials necessary to keep the buildings, fences, and other improvements in good order and repair. All moneys so expended by the department shall be added to the selling price of the property and bear interest at the rate of interest designated in Section 987 from the date of expending the same, and shall be repaid by the purchaser to the department on demand. The department may amortize the repayment of such expenditures or permit repayment in installments upon the terms and conditions which it deems proper.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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