CA Mil & Vet Code Section 986.9

The department shall then enter into a contract with the veteran for the sale of the property to the veteran. The department shall fix the selling price of the property by adding to the purchase price thereof, to the total cost of improvements constructed, or to the value of such property as determined by the department when such property is acquired by the department in a manner other than by purchase, all expenses incurred and estimated to be incurred by the department in relation thereto, inclusive of interest, administration, appraisals, examination of title, incidental expenses, and the sum deemed necessary to meet unforeseen contingencies. In the case of real property acquired from a veteran for the purpose of constructing improvements thereon, the department shall forthwith after acquiring said real property enter into the contract with the veteran authorized by this section at a selling price determined by the amount of the contract price for the improvements and any of the other additions herein authorized. After the execution of said contract between the veteran and the department and the making of the initial payment thereon the department shall be authorized to pay the cost of the improvements contracted to be constructed on said real property, making progress payments thereon in such amounts and at such times as the department approves. The department shall upon written request of the veteran and his contractor have authority to approve additions to or deletions from the improvements contracted to be constructed and any savings affected or added cost incurred shall be deducted from or added to the amount due the department by the veteran under the terms of his contract.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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