CA Ins Code Section 1027

A claim by a third party founded upon an insurance policy may be allowed by the liquidator without requiring such claim to be reduced to judgment, provided it can be reasonably inferred from the proof presented that the claimant would be able to obtain a judgment upon his cause of action against the insured and that such judgment would represent a liability of the person in liquidation under the policy of insurance upon which such claim is founded. In the event several claims founded upon one policy or bond are filed, and the aggregate amount of such claims exceeds the liability limit of said policy or bond, and one or more of such claims is unliquidated and undetermined, then all of such claims shall be deemed unliquidated and undetermined; provided, however, that should one or more of said claims become determined and proved within the time provided in this article, the liquidator, upon any distribution to creditors, shall impound the distribution percentage of the face amount of said claim or claims so determined and proved, not exceeding the policy or bond limit, and upon such claim or claims becoming liquidated as to amount, the liquidator shall release to such claimant the distribution percentage of the final liquidated value of such claims out of the funds so impounded.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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