CA Health & Safety Code Section 1792.5


The provider shall compute its liquid reserve requirement as of the end of the provider’s most recent fiscal yearend based on its audited financial statements for that period and, at the time it files its annual report, shall file a form acceptable to the department certifying all of the following:


The amount the provider is required to hold as a liquid reserve, including the amounts required for the debt service reserve and the operating expense reserve.


The qualifying assets, and their respective values, the provider has designated for its debt service reserve and for its operating expense reserve.


The amount of any deficiency or surplus for the provider’s debt service reserve and the provider’s operating expense reserve.


For the purpose of calculating the amount held by the provider to satisfy its liquid reserve requirement, all qualifying assets used to satisfy the liquid reserve requirements shall be valued at their fair market value as of the end of the provider’s most recently completed fiscal year. Restricted assets that have guaranteed values and are designated as qualifying assets under paragraph (6) or (7) of subdivision (a) of Section 1792.2 may be valued at their guaranteed values.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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