CA Health & Safety Code Section 127155

The Advisory Health Council shall evaluate and shall designate annually no more than one area health planning agency for any area of the state designated by the council. An area health planning agency shall be incorporated as a nonprofit corporation and controlled by a board of directors consisting of a majority representing the public and local government as consumers of health services with the balance being broadly representative of the providers of health services and the health professions, or alternatively be a health systems agency established pursuant to Public Law 93-641. The functions of area health planning agencies are all of the following:


To review information on utilization of hospitals and related health facilities.


To develop area plans to be used for the determination of community need and desirability of projects specified in Section 127170, consistent with the regulations adopted by the office pursuant to Section 127160. Each plan shall become effective upon a determination by the council that the plan is in conformance with regulations adopted pursuant to Section 127160. The council shall integrate all area plans into a single Statewide Health Facilities and Services Plan that shall become effective upon formal adoption by the council.


To conduct public meetings where providers of health care and consumers will be encouraged to participate.


Area health planning agencies shall comply with all of the following requirements:


The governing body of the agency shall, to the extent feasible, be composed of individuals representative of the major social, economic, linguistic, and racial populations, and geographic areas, within the area served by the agency.


The agency shall hold public meetings and hearings only after reasonable public notice. This notice shall, to the extent feasible, be publicized directly to those who, as determined by the director, are medically underserved and are in other ways denied equal access to good medical care.


The agency shall file with the Advisory Health Council an affirmative action employment plan approved by the office. Area health planning agencies may divide their areas into local areas for purposes of more effective health facility planning, with the approval of the Advisory Health Council. These local areas shall be of a geographic size and contain adequate population to ensure a broad base for planning decisions. Each local area shall contain a local health planning agency that shall meet the requirements of this section. An organization that meets the requirements of this section may make application to its area health planning agency for designation as a local health planning agency for a designated area. Within 45 days after a complete application for designation has been received, the area agency shall reach a decision concerning the application. Each area health planning agency existing on the operative date of amendments to this section enacted during the 1976 portion of the 1975–76 Regular Session of the Legislature shall continue to function as an area planning agency pursuant to this chapter, until one or more designated health systems agencies are fully operational, as determined by the Advisory Health Council in the area served, or formerly served, by the respective area health planning agency. If the Advisory Health Council determines that an area health planning agency approved under this section is dissolved or unable to carry out the functions required by this chapter, the office shall fulfill the responsibilities of an area health planning agency pursuant to this chapter in the area until another area health planning agency is designated by the Advisory Health Council for the area and becomes fully operational. Adoption of regulations setting forth administrative procedures for area and local area health planning agencies shall be made by the office pursuant to Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code.
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