Section 1268.6


Commencing October 1, 2011, as a requirement of initial licensure of an intermediate care facility/developmentally disabled-habilitative or an intermediate care facility/developmentally disabled-nursing, the applicant or designee of the applicant shall attend a sixteen-hour orientation program approved by the State Department of Developmental Services.


The sixteen-hour orientation program shall contain both of the following:


Eight hours of the orientation program shall outline the role, requirements, and regulations of each of the following:


The scope of responsibility for operation including regulatory requirements and statutes governing the facility type.


Local planning.


Regional center and other community support services.


All federal and state agencies responsible for licensing and certification, and data collection.


Government and private agencies responsible for ensuring the rights of the developmentally disabled.


Eight hours of the orientation program shall outline the statutory and regulatory requirements related to business management. The program shall include, but need not be limited to, all of the following:


Cost reporting.


General accounting principles.


The State Department of Health Care Services audit process.


The regional center vendorization process.


The orientation shall be conducted by relevant community services and provider organizations. Organizations conducting the orientation class shall be responsible for keeping a record of all attendees and shall provide the department with the information within 15 working days or upon request. Instructors of the orientation shall have knowledge or experience in the subject area to be taught, and shall meet any of the following criteria:


Possession of a four-year college degree relevant to the course or courses to be taught.


Be a health professional with a valid and current license to practice in California.


Have at least two years experience in California as an administrator of a long-term health care facility that provides services to persons with developmental disabilities within the last eight years.


If the licensee can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the department that the licensee, or a representative of the licensee, has taken the orientation program any year prior to opening a new facility, the licensee shall not be required to repeat the program to open the facility.


This section shall become operative on October 1, 2011.


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