Section 1271


The Legislature finds and declares that uniform orientation and training are fundamental to ensuring a high level of competency of state personnel charged with enforcing state law regulating the licensure, certification, and inspection of long-term health care facilities.


The state department shall develop, adopt, and implement comprehensive continuing orientation and in-service training programs. The comprehensive programs shall, at a minimum, include, but not be limited to, both of the following:


An orientation program consisting of instruction in basic enforcement, inspection, investigation, and survey skills and techniques, patients rights and safety, health facility, clinic, and agency licensing regulations, and supervised on-the-job training in long-term health care facilities.


Ongoing in-service training to maintain continuing competency in existing and new inspection, investigation, and enforcement skills, patient care modalities, and to assure statewide uniform interpretation and application of long-term health care facility licensing regulations.


The state department shall establish and maintain a program review function responsible for inspecting, monitoring, evaluating, and providing consultative support and assistance to licensing and certification field offices. The program review shall ensure that the licensing and certification field offices implement, enforce, and interpret applicable state statutes, licensing regulations, certification standards, and departmental policies and procedures in an effective and uniform manner statewide.


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