CA Health & Safety Code Section 119318


The sponsor of a temporary body art event shall obtain all necessary permits to conduct business in the jurisdiction where the event will be held. The sponsor shall submit a complete temporary facility permit application to the local enforcement agency a minimum of 30 days prior to the date of the scheduled event. A local enforcement agency may establish a fee not to exceed the amount necessary, but that is sufficient to cover, the actual costs of the administration of this section. In addition to the penalties available pursuant to Article 6 (commencing with Section 119320), a sponsor who violates this subdivision shall be subject to closure of the temporary body art event and a penalty not to exceed three times the cost of the permit.


The sponsor shall not allow a person to perform body art procedures at the event unless the person has a valid body art practitioner registration.


The sponsor of a temporary body art event shall be responsible for ensuring the availability of support facilities and supplies for practitioners and vendors, including, but not limited to:


A demonstration booth that meets the requirements of subdivisions (a) to (k), inclusive, of Section 119317.


Restrooms that have flush toilets supplied with toilet paper, and hand wash sinks supplied with hot and cold potable running water, soap, and single-use paper towels to which practitioners have direct access.


Sharps waste containers for each demonstration booth.


The use of a licensed medical waste disposal company for removal of all sharps waste containers used during the body art event.


Frequent trash pickup from demonstration booths.


Wastewater removal and potable water recharge for hand wash areas at a frequency that will provide uninterrupted use, or as determined by the local enforcement agency.


When applicable, decontamination and sterilization area that is separated from a procedure area by at least five feet or by a cleanable barrier.


Adequate backup supplies that have been stored in compliance with subdivision (d) of Section 119315 and that can be purchased by practitioners, including, but not limited to:


Presterilized tattoo needles.


Presterilized needle tubes.


Presterilized piercing instruments, including, but not limited to, needles, receiving tubes, corks, marking tools, and forceps.


Plastic bags, barrier film, clip cord covers, and plastic wrap.


Ink cups.


Nitrile and latex gloves.


Single-use tubes of water-based and petroleum-based lubricants.


Absorbent dressing materials.


All forms and documents required to perform body art, including, but not limited to, client consent forms, medical history forms, aftercare instructions, and single-use instrument logs.


The name, telephone number, and directions to an emergency room near the temporary body art event shall be posted in a conspicuous location.


Each practitioner working in a booth at a temporary body art event shall display his or her certificate of registration, or keep the certificate in a folder that is available for inspection upon request of the enforcement officer or a client.
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