Section 6954


The Coho Salmon Recovery Account is hereby created in the Fish and Game Preservation Fund.


The department may enter into an agreement to accept funds from any public agency, person, business entity, or organization to achieve the purposes of this chapter. The department shall deposit any funds so received in the account. The funds received shall supplement existing resources for projects and programs that enhance the recovery of coho salmon.


The department may impose a schedule of fees for projects, based on the cost of a project, sufficient to recover all reasonable administrative and implementation costs of the department relating to the project, but not to exceed fees adopted by the department pursuant to Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 1600) of Division 2 for standard lake or streambed alteration agreements for projects of comparable cost. The department shall deposit fee revenues in the account.


Moneys in the account shall be available to the department, upon appropriation by the Legislature, for the purposes of administering and implementing this chapter.
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