Section 6952

As used in this chapter:


Account means the Coho Salmon Recovery Account created in subdivision (a) of Section 6954.


Coho salmon habitat enhancement project or project means a restoration project within a region described in an adopted state or federal coho salmon recovery plan with the primary purpose of accomplishing one or more of the following:


Modification of existing water crossings for the purposes of eliminating a barrier to fish passage. Modification includes the removal of road crossings, replacement of culverts, or both.


Restoration of eroded or denuded streambanks by utilizing predominantly nonrock bioengineering practices and revegetating stream corridors with native riparian species. Restoration shall be focused on promoting tree establishment along the active channel and on streambanks for the purposes of bank stabilization, bank development, and live wood complexity.


Wood placement that benefits naturally reproducing fish stocks by creating or enhancing fish habitat, increasing stream complexity, or both.


Coho salmon recovery plans means the departments Recovery Strategy for California Coho Salmon, the National Marine Fisheries Services Recovery Plan for the Evolutionary Significant Unit of Central Coast Coho Salmon, the National Marine Fisheries Services Recovery Plan for the Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast Evolutionary Significant Unit of Coho Salmon, or subsequently adopted coho salmon recovery plans.


Fish passage guidelines means the departments Coho Salmon Stream Restoration Manual, the National Marine Fisheries Service, Southwest Region, Guidelines for Salmonid Passage at Stream Crossings, either of those documents as they may be subsequently amended or updated, or salmonid fish passage project guidelines subsequently adopted by the department, the National Marine Fisheries Service, or both.


Project proponent means a person, public agency, or nonprofit organization seeking to implement a coho salmon habitat enhancement project.
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