CA Educ Code Section 8238.4


A family literacy supplemental grant shall be made available and distributed to qualifying California state preschool classrooms, as determined by the Superintendent, at a rate of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) per class. The Superintendent shall distribute the family literacy supplemental grant funds according to the following priorities:


First priority shall be assigned to California state preschool programs that contract to receive this funding before July 1, 2012. These programs shall receive this funding until their contract is terminated or the California state preschool program no longer provides family literacy services.


Second priority shall be assigned to California state preschool programs operating classrooms located in the attendance area of elementary schools in deciles 1 to 3, inclusive, based on the most recently published Academic Performance Index pursuant to Section 52056. The Superintendent shall use a lottery process in implementing this paragraph.


A family literacy supplemental grant distributed pursuant to this section shall be used for purposes specified in Section 8238.


Implementation of this section is contingent upon funding being provided for family literacy supplemental grants for California state preschool programs in the annual Budget Act or other statute.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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