CA Educ Code Section 52890

Each school district and school that submits a school-based motivation and maintenance program plan pursuant to Article 7 (commencing with Section 54720) of Chapter 9 of Part 29, as that article read on January 1, 2004, shall include in the plan a description of the manner in which it will utilize outreach consultants. For purposes of this article, each outreach consultant, at a minimum, shall do all of the following:


Possess a Dropout Prevention Specialist Certificate from a California State University, or enroll in a Dropout Prevention Specialist Certificate program within 90 days of the date of hire, except that outreach consultants employed on or before January 1, 2004, are exempt from this requirement.


Demonstrate knowledge of local alternative educational programs and employ those programs to respond to the differential needs and unique learning styles of pupils.


Demonstrate knowledge of local community agencies and community programs to recruit those agencies and programs to assist in the physical or psychological remediation of pupils.


Utilize local school programs, options, and opportunities to assist pupils in locating, securing, or retaining employment.


Utilize techniques that enhance interpersonal communication, self-understanding, self-disclosure, and depth-level sharing.


Employ appropriate methods to create circumstances necessary so that change is permitted and encouraged in individuals, programs, and institutions.


Be responsible for supervising, instructing, conducting negotiations with, and advising pupils and adults.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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